John Malcolm Fraser
Australia Crest

Prime Minister and pastoralist from the Western Districts of Victoria born in Melbourne on May 21st, 1930.

Became leader of the Liberal Party in March 1975 and became Prime Minister later that year.

Responsible for the sacking of Whitlam by the Governor General, Sir John Kerr on the 11th day of November, 1975 - a Remembrance Day that E.G. Whitlam won't forget in a hurry.

Famous for his words of wisdom "Life wasn't meant to be easy".

Beaten at the Federal election of 1983 by Bob Hawke, who had recently usurped Bill Hayden from the leadership of Labor.

Took on the position as president of Care International.

Malcolm Fraser was a very strong politician but unfortunately he will be most remembered for losing his trousers in a Memphis, U.S.A. hotel. It is fair to say that he had been drugged, then mugged and destrided.

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