Paul Keating
Australia Crest

Born in Bankstown, Sydney on 18th January, 1944, the 10th Labor Prime Minister to hold office since Federation in 1901.

Young Paul left school at 15 and joined the NSW Labor Party. He worked as a sales assistant at a Sydney department store, David Jones, but this was not his forte and his employment papers were marked ' never to be re-employed'.

As Federal Treasurer he introduced a number of reforms including de-regulation of the banking industry and floating the dollar. He also likened Australia to a Banana Republic and gave us the recession 'we had to have'. He apologised for the recession when addressing students at the University of NSW in March, 1999, in effect admitting one of the many mistakes of his Labor goverment.

Prime Minister from 1991 to 1996 when he lost to John Howard in a landslide victory to the Coalition.

In 1992 he was dubbed by the British press as the Lizard of Oz for daring to touch the Queen, ushering her forward with his hand behind her back. His wife also felt their wrath for declining to curtsy.

Keating is a visiting professor to the University of New South Wales.

In late November 1998 he separated from his wife of 23 years, Annita, blaming public pressures and the baseless rumours about his personal and sexual life, which unfortunately were thrust in everyone's face when Bill Hayden referred to them in the Abbott and Costello defamation case in Canberra, a month or so beforehand.

Annita was a hostie with Alitalia when they met in 1972. He's always been a smooth talker.

On 21st March, 1999, Sixty Minutes - tick, tick, tick, tick, tick - rubbished him on TV over his dealings with his former partner in the famous piggery, Al (Achilles) Constantinidis. It was inferred that when they sold out Paul took most of the bacon and poor little piggie Al got none, or very little at least. Maybe Al should have checked the spellcheck on his computer which gives 'cheating' as an alternative to you know who. If it blows up in Paul's face then maybe Al will get satisfaction in being his Achilles Heel.

Our friends at Which Bank? also took some flak on the above for being an unusual go-between Al and Paul but all assailed parties are denying any wrongdoing, with Keating claiming a conspiracy by Kerry Packer.

This is the man who called himself the world's greatest Treasurer and the Placido Domingo of Politics.

When Andrew Peacock became Liberal leader, again, Keating posed the question "Does a souffle rise twice?"

In May 99, Annita got off in court on a speeding charge. She obviously went to the Singo School of Driving and Courtship.

Sadly, Keating will be remembered most for the recession, his arrogance and his more than colourful language against opponents (scumbags), especially under parliamentary privilege.

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