Edmund Barton
Australia Crest

First Prime Minister of Australia, 1901 after Federation to 1903. He was also Minister for External Affairs, and this was long before Bill Clinton and Monica.

Born in Sydney on 18th January, 1849, educated at Fort Street High School and becoming one of the early graduates of Sydney University.

Barton practiced as a lawyer until entering the Legislative Assembly in 1879, becoming Speaker in 1883.

Barton was an advocate of Federation and spent the 1890s touring NSW pushing for support of his beliefs. His legal training served him well as he was a key figure in drafting the bill for Federation.

He became Sir Edmund Barton in 1902.

After politics in 1903 Barton was appointed as a justice to the High Court, ruling on the constitutional validity of much of the early federal legislation..

Barton died in 1920.

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