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The story of Pheidippides, the man who ran the first 'marathon' from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. With the Goddess Athena he has been set a quest by Zeus and the other Gods on Mount Olympus to travel through the ages to find the greatest Olympian. His journey takes him from the origins of the Olympic Games, some 700 B.C., towards the Sydney Games in the year 2000 and perhaps to Athens in 2004.

The project comprises:
AN ACTION FILM commenced pre-production in August 98. This film will star name Australian actors and is being directed by an award winning director. This film is totally Australian produced and financed.

Marathon Man
Marathon Man

A CD-ROM ADVENTURE GAME with a strong Olympic content together with challenges against Greek Mythology for the player to complete the game. This 3D game is being produced by an internationally acclaimed production house.

The game has been produced to EPOC stage through funding by a body of the Australian Federal Government. This aspect of the project needs funding and a publisher with the right distribution channels in North America, Europe and Asia.

The game is ready to commence production to Alpha stage when it will be presented to major distributors with a view to procuring sufficient advance to take the game to Master and world wide distribution. A major player has already expressed great interest after viewing the EPOC.

The pilot of the game has passed muster with S.O.C.O.G. and the I.O.C. and may have exclusive Olympic endorsement on a world wide basis, if desired.

The third aspect of the " Marathon Man " project is a STORYBOOK MUSIC ALBUM with 12 pop type songs. The story will be narrated by a known Australian voice and the story will be acted and the songs sung by internationally acclaimed Australian artists. At this stage the writers of " Marathon Man " hold the publishing rights to the songs and music.

Below are the lyrics of the song submitted to the Australian Olympic Committee to be the theme song for the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. Select track 8 from EZCD Player to listen.

Sydney2000 - Lyric Sheet
Sydney2000 - Lyric Sheet

The "Marathon Man" investors will be taking advantage of merchandising revenue potential from all aspects of the project.

The writers of "Marathon Man" have vast experience of writing hits such as Number 1 songs in U.K., Europe, Australia, musical on London's West End, film scores, TV, comedy, advertising - you name it, they've done it over the last 30 years. See below -

Concrete and Clay ( Unit 4+2, Cliff Richard, Martin Plaza) - No.1
I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman ( Whistling Jack Smith ) - No.1
Hold on to What You've Got ( The Settlers) - No.1
Nights in Paradise ( Jon English ) - No.1
You Are Soul ( Doug Mulray ) - No.1
I Only Take What's Mine ( Warwick Capper )
Swans Fly High ( Sydney Swans )

Cathy's Child
The Mango Tree
The Man Who Had Power Over Women (UK)

Coca Cola - "Open up your smile"
Waltons - "Are the people you should deal with"
XPT - "We make the going easy"
Benson & Hedges - Pakistan Cricket Tour (FACTS Award)

Go Fish Australia - John Meillon
Soccer - Soccer - SBS
James Whale Show (UK)
A Kick In The Ballots (UK)Cue The Music (UK)

" Leonardo, A Portrait of Love " London West End 1993
"Stardust" - A Christmas Musical - Melbourne 1991
The writers are currently working on a new musical - " Shakespeare, Power of the Pen ", which was recently signed worldwide with Warner Chappell Music Publishing.

The Paul Hogan Show
The Two Ronnies

The writers are proficient in all aspects of music and sound reproduction with newly developed skills in CD-ROM production.

Further information on this exciting project can be obtained by contacting Marathon Projects International, manager Billy Moeller on:
telephone: 0243 251353,
fax: 02 9904 3941,
or e-mail
The S.O.C.O.G. web site is
Fax no is 02 9297 2020
General enquiries from within Australia 13 63 63

The I.O.C. web site is


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