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Ball game resembling rugby where you can kick a behind without fear of being sent off. Also known as aerial pingpong.

The game was founded by cricketers in Victoria who wanted to keep fit in the off-season, the game having its roots in Gaelic football. The first game was played in Melbourne in 1856 and the Victorian Football Association was set up in 1877. The breakaway Victorian Football League was set up in 1897.

The first official team formed was Melbourne Football Club in 1858 and this club is still in the competition today.

The game is played fast and furious and consists of 4 quarters of 30 minutes each. The teams have a breather between quarters with half time being called the 'long break'.

There are 18 players in each side and the game is played on an oval pitch with 4 posts without crossbars at either end of the pitch.

The object of the game is to score goals by kicking the ball, which resembles a large rugger ball, through the 2 main posts in the middle. Do this and you get 6 points. If the ball goes between a main post and an outer post then that is a behind - only 1 point. Yes, it's the only game where you get a point for missing! But then again, it is Victoria.

The players may punch or kick the ball and run with it provided they bounce it every 15 metres or touch the ball on to the ground..

Aussie Rules is a game where everyone strives to make their mark, or take their mark.

The Brownlow Medal is awarded at the end of each season to the best and fairest player of the season. The award is in memory of Charles Brownlow, a cricket and football star from Geelong. Haydn Bunton Snr. is one of four players to win the award three times. Bunton was football's equivalent of Don Bradman in cricket.

P.S. - When the goal umpire signals a goal with a hands sign, the crowd yells out "How big's your dick!". Watch for it.

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