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The Roycroft Family
Australia Crest

Famous Australian equestrian family.

Bill, now aged 83, was an Olympic gold hero at Rome in 1960 and won 2 bronze medals in his 5 Games appearances. Bill also carried the flag at Mexico City in 1968.

Son Wayne competed at Montreal in 1972 where he won bronze and coached at Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta 1996. Australia won an individual and the team gold in the three day event at Barcelona and team gold for the three day in Atlanta.

Daughter-in-law Vicki has showjumped at the last 4 Olympic Games.

At Rome Olympic Games in 1960, Bill, then aged 45, signed himself out of hospital after he had broken his collarbone when his mount Our Solo had misjudged a jump and somersaulted on top of him. He showed true Aussie grit to return to the team to help them secure Gold in the three day event. This amazing display by a pain killer loaded Bill Roycroft is now part of equestrian folklore.

Recently all three rode round the three day course at Horsley Park, Sydney and gave it the thumbs up for 2000.

At 83, Bill now herds his sheep and cattle on his Victorian property from the relative comfort of a 4 wheel motor bike.

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