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Michael Doohan
Australia Crest

World champion 500cc motorcycle racer born in Brisbane, now living in the French hills near Monaco, where he shares an apartment with Queenslander girlfriend Selina Sines. Very handy if he feels like a punt at the casino instead of dicing with death on the racetrack.

Mick has won the world title from 1994-98 and will give it another shot in '99.

He has at May '99 won 5 world titles and 54 races from 136 starts.

For the girls, Mick is 1.75m or 5ft 9 ins tall, with slightly greying hair and a noticeable limp, received, no doubt, from one of his past encounters with the tarmac.

Mick enjoys cycling (yes, a pushbike) when not whizzing around at 300kmph on the track.

Mick was severely injured in May '99 when qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix. He broke his left wrist, right leg and collar bone in the 175km/h accident. He injured his right leg in the 1992 Dutch Grand Prix, leaving him the limp.

Mick and Selina are to become proud parents of a Doohan-ette in August, 1999.

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