America's Cup
Australia Crest

The America's Cup was finally wrested from U.S.A. on September 27th, 1983, when the trophy was won by an Australian crew in Australia 11 over the defender Liberty, skippered by Dennis Connor.

The cup had been in American hands for 132 years and was the Holy Grail of 12 metre sailing and possibly of sport.

Many nations had tried and many nations had failed to win it from the Yanks.

It was felt that if a team threatened, then a rule change was made to combat the challenge. However, Australia 11 and its revolutionary winged keel won in a cliff-hanger 4-3 after being down 3-1.

This win is seen as Australia's greatest sporting triumph.

The syndicate was headed by Alan Bond and the crew was captained by John Bertrand, tactics by Hugh Treharne with Ben Lexcen designing the boat.

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