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Kieren Perkins
Australia Crest

Champion swimmer who still keeps his name on his milk, born on August 14th, 1973, and lives in Brisbane.

Kieren is 193 cm tall and weighs in around 87 kg.

Kieren is coached by John Carew.

Olympic gold medal winner in the 1,500 metres in Barcelona in 1992 and again, against all sorts of odds, in the same event at Atlanta in 1996, after being written off by the Australian media - again!

Best time for his pet distance of 1,500 metres is 14:41.66, a world record.

Kieren's height gives him a long stroke which enables him to pull through the water at a greater distance per stroke.

If he was a short-arse, he wouldn't be a champion.

In January 1999, controversy arose over his registering of the 'Superfish' name as a trademark when the name has been used by Queensland Swimming since 1980 and was also the nickname for Stephen Holland in the early 70s when he was smashing world records.

Kieran is sponsored by Qantas, National Dairies, Uncle Tobys, Uniden and Saab.

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