Graham Richardson
Australia Crest

Former Labor Senator and now Mayor of the Olympic Village.

Graham was born in Sydney on September 27th, 1949. His father Fred was state secretary of the Postal Workers' Union.

At the tender age of 26 he became the youngest ever general secretary of the NSW Labor Party.

At 33 he was elected to the Senate and went into the Bob Hawke Cabinet at age 37 as Environment Minister.

"Richo", a self confessed liar when he admitted politicians told lies, as if we didn't know already.

Graham is married to Cheryl and lives in Paddington, Sydney.

Graham Richardson

In October 1999, ex-Prime Minister and pig farmer Paul Keating gave 'little Richo' a serve for being too close to media giant Kerry Packer. Keating, as usual, made a fool of himself. Also Keating forgot that it was Richo, as King-maker, who engineered his rise to Prime Minister in 1991. Richo hasn't spoken to Keating in 5 years.

Whilst Richardson is allied to Kerry Packer, Paul Keating has aligned himself to the Rupert Murdoch camp.

Richo has a breakfast show on radio 2GB, owned by John Singleton.

Richo has the unenviable task of sampling meat pies to see which ones will be available at the Olympic Village.

Richo is up to his considerable neck and chins in the mates rates ticket fiasco for the rich, many of whom are his buddies. He refused to answer if the Kerry Packer company PBL Marketing was one of the "somewhere between six to ten" premium package ticket buyers referred to Paul Reading. We suppose the offer of a harbour cruise in exchange for tickets would be in order?

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