Michael Knight
Australia Crest

Olympics Minister in the Carr government of NSW and president of S.O.C.O.G.Michael Knight

Minister for Everything Olympic, probably even the toilets' committee, if there is one?

Michael Knight must take the blame for the American and Japanese marching bands fiasco.

Michael dismissed demands he apologise to former Australian cricket captain Mark Taylor for misleading him about the true nature of the ticketing ballot. A cockup from beginning to end.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Allan Fels says that SOCOG's treatment of the public ticket offer appears to have breached three sections of the Trade Practices Act. SOCOG faces fines of up to $600,000 - peanuts compared to the millions they have ripped off the public.

Allan Fels came to the rescue of people cheated by SOCOG. They will get a refund. Fels has become a knight on a white charger whilst the Knight who did charge you apologised 16 times on Friday 29th October, 1999.

Heaven help us if SOCOG ever try to run a chook raffle.

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