Pru Goward
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John Howard's communications manager for the Olympics and mother of James Packer cast-off fiancee Kate Fischer.

Currently she is in the Office of the Status of Women and will take up her new job in October, 1999.

Pru was born in Adelaide on September 2nd, 1952 and was educated at Woodlands Church of England Girls Grammar School.

Pru then went to Flinders University but could not get her teeth into dentistry and switched to Arts. She graduated with an honours degree in economics.

Pru Goward
Pru Goward

In 1973 she married Alastair Fischer and had daughters Kate (now 25) and Penelope (now 23). For a while the family lived in India and England.

In 1986 she married journalist David Barnett and had a daughter, Alice, aged 11.

In 1983 she won the Walkley Award for a television profile on colourful racing identity George Freeman.

In 1987 she got the Big A from ABC TV's 7.30 Report.

In 1997 she and hubby David released an authorised biography on P.M. John Howard. The book was a fizzer.

Pru is 160cm tall and wages a constant battle with her weight. She enjoys a social game of tennis.

She is a loyal supporter of John Howard and loyalty is rewarded with plum jobs such as the Olympic gig.

She lives on a farm near Canberra with Alice and has been known to ride a motorbike to round up cattle.

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