The Medals
Australia Crest

Olympic sponsor BHP handed over a tonne of silver late July, 1999, to mint the medals for Sydney 2000.

BHP CEO Paul Anderson formally presented 1,050 kg to Sydney Olympics head honcho Sandy Hollway.

The Perth and Royal Australian Mints will use the silver to strike some 6,000 gold, silver and bronze medals - a gold medal made from silver?

The medal design was announced in Athens early October ' 99. The designer is Wojciech Pietranik, a distinguished sculptor and designer with the Royal Australian Mint.

The ' Sydney ' side of the medals - gold, silver and bronze - will show the 5 Olympic rings and the sport and event. The Sydney Opera House and the Olympic Torch will also feature on that side of the medals.

The ' IOC ' side of the medals will have XXXVII Olympiad Sydney 2000 with the Greek Goddess of victory, Athena Nike (refer Marathon Man ), weaving a wreath next to a shot of the Colosseum and a chariot rider. Athena has wattle scattered at her feet.

Nike, the U.S. sportswear company and sponsor of our Cathy Freeman, should be pleased with the ' free ' advertising.

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