The Tickets
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Do not apply unless you have lots of dough.

In October 1999 there was a furore when the results of the first ticket ballot came out and many people completely missed out on any tickets. To make things worse the second wave of applications was rushing in for further allocation on a first-in basis before first wavers had been advised by post whether their first application had been successful or not.

Michael Knight couldn't even blame Australia Post for this latest cockup as SOCOG had used a private mail contractor.

Sanity prevailed and the second allocation was deferred for legal advice and procedural revision.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it was revealed that SOCOG had set aside an allocation of tickets for the rich people. The question has to be asked - did Kerry Packer spend a Sunday afternoon filling in the application form for tickets like ordinary Australians? Probably not.

Perhaps SOCOG should be renamed STUFFUP?

PS - Dawn Fraser managed to acquire $24,000 worth of tickets for her 7 siblings. No doubt they are early Chrissie presents.

Minister for Everything Olympic, Michael Knight, refused to apologise to former Australian cricket captain, Mark Taylor, for misleading him about the true nature of the balloting for tickets.

Note that the bod in charge of the ticket allocation, Paul Reading, is a Kiwi. Is this the EnZedders getting back at us for the Underarm Incident? He was demoted for the cock-up, then he was sacked after sponsors complained. He didn't say much, only that he had been "given the arse" and made a whipping boy for the crisis.

P.M. John Howard has stepped in and announced that the so-called Premium Package tickets for the rich would not be GST free.

Some reportedly Premium Package ticket buyers are cigar chompin' Rene Rivkin, ex NSW Premier Neville Wran and restaurateur Beppi Polese.

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