Gary Sweet
Australia Crest

Television actor, larrikin and sex symbol best known for his role in Police Rescue, Big Sky and Bodyline where he played Don Bradman.

Known for being a down-to-earth bloke ever since he was a kid in Warradale, South Australia. Gary went to high school in Adelaide and then college, where he earned a teaching degree. He took up drama at teachers' college only when he learned the class was mainly female.

His first role was in a forgettable Oz horror flick called Nightmares. He then landed a part in The Sullivans where he began to study what acting was all about. The Sullivans series has been a springboard for many promising careers - Mel Gibson, Sam Neill, Russell Crowe and Kylie Minogue.

In December 1998, blue eyed and less hirsute Gary, 41, and his wife Johanna, 25, the former Commonwealth Games swimmer (nee Griggs), announced that they have separated. They have 2 young sons, Jesse James and Joe Buster.

Gary has 2 children from his second marriage, Frank and Sophie, living in Adelaide.

As a teenager he kicked a goal at Adelaide Football Park as a dashing wingman with Glenelg in the 1979 reserves grand final.

He has just finished doing a stage production of David Williamson's The Club, where Gary played the Aussie Rules coach.

Soon he will commence work on a TV sitcom called Dog's Head Bay, written by playwright David Williamson and wife, Kristin.

Gary insists he never wanted to be famous, just notorious.

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