Liz Hayes
Australia Crest

Another ex-wife of fellow "Dinkum Aussie" John Singleton. There's a special prize to the surfer who can identify the others on the site - no 'ring-ins', though!

Liz, 42, was born in Taree on the north coast of NSW where her parents ran a dairy farm.. Starting her career as a cadet journalist on the 'Manning River Times' she finally hit the big time when she co-hosted the 'Today Show' on Channel 9 with Steve Liebmann.

In 1996 she moved on to the challenge of '60 Minutes' - tick, tick, tick, tick.

In September '98 a stalker, Sydneysider John Mills, who had 'politley stalked' her for 10 years, agreed not to approach her for 5 years.

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