Rod Hull and Emu
Australia Crest

Rod was born at Sheerness, Kent, England on 14th August, 1935. Emu was born in the props department of Channel 9, Sydney, sometime in the 60s.

Hull trained as an electrician after doing his national service with the R.A.F.

Rod and his wife Sandra migrated to Sydney in 1958 and he found a job with Channel 9 as a lighting technician.

Emu was created by Norm Hetherington, the maker of Mr. Squiggle, for a children's show on Channel 9.

Comic Rod, who was working on Kaper Cops Show, was persuaded to use Emu in his solo act and so a marvellous duo was formed.

Rod returned to England and realising the drawcard Emu had been, had another puppet made. In 1976 he met Cheryle Hylton, an Australian painter, and married her.

Before not too long they were the most successful act in Britain and Australia playing in front of the Royal family and a television series with an over 11 million people audience. Emu even wrestled Michael Parkinson to the floor during a show and ate one of his shoes.

By 1994 hard times had befallen him and he was declared bankrupt. His wife and children returned to Sydney.

A friend offered him a rundown cottage in the south of England and he lived there renovating the place in lieu of rent.

Rod Hull died on March 19th, 1999, at East Sussex, England. Can you imagine him tickling them pink upstairs on the great big stage in the Sky?

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