The Wiggles
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What's a Wiggle? The answer is a pre-school entertainer. Well, four of them make up the group named The Wiggles which we have grown to love and which has been entertaining Aussie pre-schoolers for over eight years.

The Wiggles evolved from a rock band called the Cockroaches.

Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field were in the gold and platinum album band until deciding to change directon, in fact, completely back-flip.

Field always wanted to be a teacher and studied Early Childhood Training at university. Listen to the lyrics of their songs, every word has been thought about before being said.

Murray Cook and Greg Page are also qualified pre-school teachers. They met Field whilst working on music projects for Macquarie University's Early Childhood Education Unit.

Their work load is enormous, around 500 shows per year, albums, videos, a film. That's a lot of Wiggling.

1999 will bring two tours to USA where they are handled by Lyric, the company that gave us Barney the purple dinosaur, and one to UK where they are handled by Disney.

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