How can I become one of the
Dinkum Aussies?

No doubt you are already one but how do you let everyone else know?

Easy peasy! All you have to do is subscribe to Dinkum Aussies and we will post your very own web page to the Dinkum Aussies web site as a Larrikin of Oz. This will guarantee the site to be the biggest and most informative site in the world going into the new Millennium and beyond - and you will be in there for all the world to see!

Andy Warhol did say that everyone should have their 15 minutes of fame - but we will give you more than 15 minutes. In fact, this is as close to immortality as you will get. Forget drinking from a Fountain of Youth or from the Holy Grail - as Jack Nicholson says "This is as good as it gets".

This also makes for the perfect Christmas or Millennium gift. Post a page on a family member, friend or special occasion. Perhaps have a family page? If you already have a home page on the web then we can put a link to your page. If you have a business web site then we can link your page to your business. You can put your e-mail address or contact telephone numbers on your page if you like. Hey! Maybe some old friend, with whom you have lost touch, will see your page and contact you. You never know, stranger things have happened.

O.K. I'll do it, you only live once - How much? What do I have to do?

There are 2 types of entry on the Dinkum Aussies web site -

1.) Larrikin of Oz - Here you get the Full Monty, the page (which can be as long as you like 'cos you will be writing it), picture, e-mail and phone contacts, link to your own home page or business web site if you have one. This will set you back $199.90.
All you have to do is write your profile in Microsoft Word and either e-mail or mail 3.5 floppy disk to us. That way we can't be held responsible for any spelling errors as your spell check should find these. You can e-mail a picture to us or send a picture in mail (non returnable) which we will scan and use on your page.
P.S. If you have a middle name then put it in, just in case we have 53 John Smiths.
Look me, Andrew Beattie, under Larrikins in Dinkum Aussies and see what you get for your money.
If you have a business with a service, being a subscriber entitles you to a free entry for the Millenium year into Tela Pages, the Internet equivalent of Y.. P.
Subsequent years' entry will be invoice to you but at a price more affordable than Y.. P.
If you have a business selling goods then we can give you a free listing of your goods on our 2EZ Shopping. Here there is no set up cost to you but you will have to supply quality pictures of your goods and pay an agreed percentage of the value of all of your goods sold via 2EZ Shopping. Call for further details.
After set up, any alterations to your entry will incur as minimal charge as possible. You can update your page as you require - marriage in the family, pictures of bouncing babies - how easy to send to family and friends overseas.
Also, you can have voice, sound or music on your page at extra cost. Call or e-mail specifying your requirements and we will advise cost to you.
How do I pay? Well we're not restricted to credit cards, you can pay by cheque, money order or Visa, Mastercard. In time we may accept Beenz.

2.) Include Me In - Here for $19.99 you can have information on yourself posted to the web site - name, date of birth, place of birth, where now living. Just follow the simple template on the site. Pay by cheque, money order or Visa, Mastercard.

Now you really are a Dinkum Aussie.

Persons not subscribing to their own page may have a listing to Tela Pages or goods for sale in 2EZ Shopping. Call for details.

For Dinkum Aussies and Tela Pages inquiries and payments -
Address 5/83 Kurraba Road,
Neutral Bay,
NSW 2089.
Telephone (02) 9904 0884
Fax (02) 9904 3941

For 2EZ Shopping inquiries

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