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Welcome to the Dinkum Aussies portal to the Internet. By accessing the Internet through this window you can do all sorts of things:

1) Go shopping with our Shop2EZ. A myriad of goods is on display for your convenience shopping. Just register your details and after that it is 2ez.

2) Find any service you need in our Tela Pages directory. Just type in the key word e.g. 'plumber' with your post-code and fixing that dripping tap is no longer a chore.

3) Find out more about Australia. Surf through the Dinkum Aussies categories and find out things you didn't know about your favourite TV star or sportsperson. The kids can use all this information for school projects etc. Use our EZSearch and avoid the listing of every 'boomerang' web page in the world. Our search is purely within the Dinkum Aussies portal. E-mail our webmaster if you disagree with any information or wish to add to it. Just quote the page and make your comments. There will be prizes drawn on a regular basis to worthwhile contributors.

4) Play our regular 'Ring-Ins' competition. Register through our 1900 number and surf the web site looking for the 21 ring-ins. Big, and we mean Big!, prizes to be won.

5) For the overseas visitors to the portal there will be the latest backpackers' news from all around the country and lots of info to help you plan your trip of a lifetime.

6) There will be all sorts of 'you beaut' add-ons to this portal - white pages for every city and major town, city and town maps, oz maps, today's news and weather, beach watch (sans Pamela Anderson),sporting news, stockmarket news, coming events around the country, airline info, our own Dinkum Aussies travel agent, discounted car hire, pizza delivery, Melbourne Cup Sweeps and even chancing your luck at the casino.

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This portal is for your use and will change every day - so make sure you use it!

All of this information will move to our DigiTV channel with the advent of interactive television in 2001.

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